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Marmitek X10 Controller (CM15Pro)

H.A.D |  X-10 Home Automation |  Controllers and Software |  Marmitek X10 Controller (CM15Pro)

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Marmitek X10 Controller (CM15Pro)
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Marmitek X10 Controller (CM15Pro)

Ref: X10-CM15P

Price: 40.28 (47.33 Including VAT at 17.5%)
You Save: 3.50 (Including VAT)

Weight: 0.6 Kg

The Marmitek CM15Pro X-10 Controller is a standalone X-10 based home automation controller that you program via a software application called ActiveHomePro. Using the software, you graphically design schedules and macros to automate your home. These are then downloaded to the CM15Pro. The PC can then be turned off. It is good for energy saving applications as its own power consumption is very low.

This USB version of the CM15Pro connects directly to a spare USB port on your PC or laptop. Previous versions of the controller required a serial link, which tended to be unreliable. The software, ActiveHomePro can be downloaded from the website www.activehomepro.eu and can be installed and trialled before the CM15Pro is purchased. All you then have to do is plug in the CM15Pro and download any schedules and macros you have created. The CM15Pro also has an RF interface, so it will respond to commands from X-10 remote controls. This can be used to trigger macros to re-transmit the command on the power line. Using a CM15Pro X-10 controller, an X-10 4059 remote and a few X-10 2027UK appliance modules, you can come home to lights that have turned on automatically just before dusk and can be all turned off from the comfort of your bedroom when you go to bed.

How it works
X-10 uses the mains power line to transmit signals to receivers. These can either be plugged into a standard 13A socket or hard wired into the mains. The CM15Pro acts as a standalone controller and does not require a PC to be attached for it to work. Its inbuilt clock and timers can, for example, switch lights on and off at set times. It is also pre-programmed with sunrise and sunset times, all you need to do is pick the location closest to you, or enter a longitude and latitude for accurate times.

Key Features
Conditional macros. If, Then, Else
Memory for approximately 1400 timers and macros
Built in X-10 RF receiver and X-10 transceiver for specific or all house codes.
User friendly graphically based software
Can be placed out of sight. It has no buttons and no display
Can transmit and receive both normal and extended codes

Technical Stuff
RF frequency: 433 Mhz
Battery backup: 9V

Download the software here

Product Manual

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H.A.D |  X-10 Home Automation |  Controllers and Software |  Marmitek X10 Controller (CM15Pro)